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In order to avoid a lot of home owner frustration once and for all, there are a few essential tools every home owner should have ready to grab:


Tape measure – A tape measure is great for projects around the home. It is ideal for small or large tasks.

Level  levels are only useful if they are accurate. Invest in one that works, it It can be laser or the basic bubble, just make sure it works.

Screwdrivers (and screws) – Every toolbox needs a flathead and a Phillips screwdriver.  Screwdrivers are available in sets of different sizes, so a small set of five different sizes will come in handy around your home.

Hammer (and nails) – A medium weight hammer is best for most tasks around the home. You don’t need the most exspencive but make sure it will work for years to come.

Pliers – Needle-nosed pliers are all that most homes will ever need.

Wrenches – Just like screwdrivers, quality wrenches often come in simple sets that should serve most any need that would arise.

Every home should have at least a hand saw. For small projects it will get the jobs done. If you don’t want to work up a sweat invest in a chop saw or circular saw. For us we but the best but we use them all day every day. For a home that only uses these tools off and on you can get by with a little less expensive tool. It will do the job.

All of the above tools should all be kept in a toolbox or other storage container that has a designated spot within the home. You can keep your tools anywhere. Simply find a place that keeps them accessible but inconspicuous when not in use. Also, consider a few other items that may come in handy around the home. Painter’s and duct tape; various glues, pencils and straightedges, and step ladders are all accessories that could make any handy task a little easier.

Most every homeowner could look at the above list and find a tool or two that may be a necessity in their home. This is by no means a comprehensive list! However, these basics are more affordable than investing in numerous single purpose tools and will allow many home fixes to be taken care of quickly and with little complication.

Matthew Davis

Fix It Handyman LLC


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